Lis J. A., 2000: A revision of the burrower-bug genus Macroscytus Fieber, 1860 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cydnidae)

151 pages, format A4, black and white illustration, black and white photographs, soft cover

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The genus Macroscytus FIEBER, 1860 is revised taxonomically and cladistically. Descriptions including diagnostic characters are presented for each already known species, and four new species are described (M. comorensis sp. n. and M. insularis sp. n. from Comoros, M. heissi sp. n. from Kenya, M. loksai sp. n. from Papua New Guinea). The following new synonymies are proposed: Macroscytus acutus SIGNORET, 1883, Macroscytus excavatus SIGNORET, 1883 and Macroscytus inermipes HORVÁTH, 1904 = Macroscytus reflexus SIGNORET, 1883; Macroscytus punctiventris SIGNORET, 1883 and Macroscytus rubiginosus STICHEL, 1922 = Macroscytus ruficornis SIGNORET, 1883; Macroscytus cheesmanae J.A. LIS, 1993 = Macroscytus annulipes HORVÁTH, 1919; Macroscytus sumatranus J.A. LIS, 1993 = Macroscytus gibbulus (ELLENRIEDER, 1862); Macroscytus confusus J.A. LIS, 1995 = Macroscytus fraterculus Horváth, 1919, sp. dist. Lectotype is designated for Macroscytus astrolabicus HORVÁTH, and neotypes for Hahnia gibbula ELLENRIEDER, Macroscytus reflexus SIGNORET, M. ruficornis SIGNORET, and M. celebensis BREDDIN. The following new records are given: M. astrolabicus (Bismarck Archipelago), M. australis (New Britain), M. badius (Nepal), M. bipunctatus (Malaya), M. brunneus (Jordan, Namibia, Oman, Zambia, Zimbabwe), M. fryeri (Comoros), M. honiarensis (New Britain), M. javanus (Lombok, Sumbawa, Sulawesi, Thailand), M. reflexus (Burkina Faso, Gabon, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique, Namibia, Ruanda, Senegal, Togo), M. ruficornis (Benin, Central African Republic, Congo), M. vietnamicus (India). A key to all (55) species of the genus is presented. The results of a cladistic analysis based on 118 characters suggest a mosaic evolution within the genus, and do not support its division into three formerly proposed species-groups. A list of 17 species erroneously placed in the genus Macroscytus (originally or subsequently), including their present correct status, is provided.



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