Nielsen O. F., Skipper L., 2015: Danmarks bredtæger, randtæger og ildtæger

ISBN: 978-87-92832-04-7

The Danish Pentatomidae, Coreidae and Pyrrhocoridae

202 pages. 370 colour photos of the highest quality, distribution maps, distribution catalogue, hard cover

Text in Danish.

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45,45 € HT
45,45 € HT


European Union

A book about a group of insects, which all have met, but few really know anything about. The 73 Danish species are dealt with in detail, and the book is all the way through illustrated with fantastic beautiful colour photos. Distribution maps to all species. Introductory chapters on: Historical background, Evolution history; Systematics and nomenclature; Habitus; Life cycle; Food; Enemies & defence; Habitats; Status & distribution; Threaths; District catalogue; How to study these bugs; The Danish families. This is the first book on these families since the volume published in the series ”Denmark’s Fauna” in 1912.



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