32.102 - Stereomicroscope M1

Ideal for studying and determination. Microscope is relatively small, lightweight and easy to handle. This is the  ideal choice for beginers.

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120,00 € HT
120,00 € HT


Equipped with practical binocular head and lens with 40x magnification. Stereoscopic picture gives you the smallest details of observed object.

Prepared mount is layed on the round table and fixed with metal clamps.
In the case of insufficient light upper Led lighting will come in handy. It is powered by AA batteries (not included).

Technical specifications:

- Head: binocular
- Optics material: optical glass
- Magnification: 40x
- Ocular tubus diameter: 23,2 mm
- Oculars: WF20x – 2 pcs
- Work distance: 75 mm
- Interpupilary distance: 50–75 mm
- Work table: 50 mm with clamps
- Focusing: rough 35 mm
- Body material: plastics
- Lighting: LED
- Power input: 2x AA battery (not included)
- Operating temperature -5... 40 °C
- Light position: upper
- Observing method: in light field



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