Celary W., 2005: Melittidae of Poland (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila), their biodiversity and biology

ISBN: 839-19407-1-3

175 pages, colour plates, 81 colour photographs, black and white line drawings, distribution maps, soft cover

Text in English.

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A monograph of polish wild bees belonging to the family Melittidae. This book provides keys to the identification subfamilies, West Palaearctic genera and Central European species. It describes and illustrates all native species of melittid bees. It analyzes their biodiversity and abundance, summarizing and adding data on the occurrence of particular species. It contains numerous maps showing Polish localities and world distributions for each of them. The presented book describes phenology and ecology of all Polish melittid bees. It shows life cycles and behaviour of the main representatives of all melittid genera inhabiting Poland.



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