Bruschi S., 2013: Calosoma of the World (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

ISBN: 978-88-89327-08-1

360 stran, 17x24 cm, 38 vysoce kvalitních barevných stránek zobrazujících 550 druhů, 18 ilustrací, 48 rozlišovacích map, tvrdá vazba

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European Union

The purpose of the work is to provide a tool to study the Calosoma genus, a popular but not well known group of ground beetles that comprises numerous and well diversified species and subspecie distributed in the whole world and for which a modern comprehensive revision is still due.

Considering all the taxa mentioned in the literature, a hypothesis for a general classification of the genus is proposed with key to the subgenera and to all the species. Every species and subspecies recognized as valid, is discussed, including synonymies, systematic position, biological notes, and its distribution complemented by 48 maps.

A total of 550 photographs, in 38 high-quality colour plates, illustrate all of the taxa considered, including many type specimens. The updated exhaustive bibliography will facilitate further investigations on this spectacular genus that is so appreciated by the entomologists.

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