Allemand R., Dalmon J., Pupier R., Rozier Y., Marengo V., 2009: Coléoptères de Rhône-Alpes, Cérambycidés

ISBN: 978-2-915822-04-5

Musée des Confluences Société linnéenne de Lyon

351 stran, barevné fotografie, barevné rozlišovací mapy, ilustrace, měkká vazba

Text ve francouzštině.

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European Union

This inventory contains nearly 32500 records, and is the result of the assessment of 65000 specimens contained in private and public collections made by numerous entomologists over more than 150 years. The fauna of Rhone-Alpes comprises 211 species of Cerambycid, ofwhich 10 have not been seen for several decades. Each species is presented with a photograph (sometimes several in the case of variation), data on ecology and plant-hosts, as well as an annotated distribution map. The coverage indicates a high species diversity, with 85% of theFrench fauna represented. Species not seen are also detailed, and some of these should be present in the region. This study marks acontemporary baseline, allowing a demonstration of the evolution of longhorn populations. It should be considered a working tool and shouldprovoke further research in areas still poorly known or in targeted habitats to improve understanding of this group of phytophagous insects.

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