Balletto E., Barbero F., Casacci L., Chakira H., Dafiné A., Ouledi A., 2015: The Butterflies of The Comoros

ISBN: 978-954-642-754-0

Les Papillons Diurnes Des Îles Comores

286 stran, formát A4, 40 stran barevných příloh, tvrdá vazba

Text bilinguální ve francouzštině a angličtině.

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European Union

"Comoran biodiversity is unique in the world and among the most important. Studies on the zoology and botany of these islands, however, are few and most of them were carried out many years ago and on a very discontinuous basis.”
This book aims to offer updated information on the current knowledge of the Comoran butterflies, as well as on what is still to be learnt, and to provide the necessary information for harmonizing conservation procedures with agricultural practices, which are nowadays utterly unsustainable. Butterflies are widely recognised as important bio-indicators, rapid in reacting to environmental changes, beautiful, colourful, charismatic and (some of them) easily identifiable, thus more easily monitored than most other organisms. Biological and taxonomic information is provided together with identification keys for families and species, as well as distribution maps and actual-size figures. 

Prof. Emilio Balletto, Dr. Francesca Barbero, and Dr. Luca Casacci are currently working at the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, University of Turin, Italy; Prof. Ahmed Ouledi, former Dean of the Faculty of Science, works at University of Comoros where Hamada Chakira and Abdillah Dafiné obtained their masters degrees.

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