Roslin T., et. al., 2014: Nordens dyngbaggar (Dung beetles of Northern Europe)

ISBN: 978-95-26754-44-4

356 stran, 24 x 17 cm, mnoho barevných ilustrací, tvrdá vazba s přebalem

Text ve švédštině s krátkým anglickým shrnutím.

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European Union

A very delicately produced book covering the dung beetles of Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is aimed for both the beginner and the experienced dung beetle worker. It is divided into three parts. The first is about how the dung beetles live and how you can work with them as a hobby. In the second all species that are found in the three countries are described in details. The third chapter is a richly illustrated identification key. Dung beetles are indicator species for the environment and many species are today rare and threathened. Apollo Booksellers are appointed to sole distributors of this excellent book outside Finland and Sweden.

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