Tuzov V., 2015: Bibliography on the butterflies of Russia and adjacent coutries (1758 - 2008)

ISBN: 978-80-904900-6-2

680 stran, tvrdá vazba

Text bilinguální v angličtině a ruštině.

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European Union

This Bibliography includes works published over 250 years, from 1758 to 2008. It includes all the primary sources dedicated to the butterfly fauna of Russia and the former Soviet Union and published on that territory, and abroad. Apart from publications in the main Roman languages, all other primary sources have been translated into English, so as to assist access to the bibliography for all researchers. In total, this Bibliography contains about 8500 sources by more than 3500 authors. Indexes, including those for authors, systematics an distribution, are given at the end of the volume.

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