7. Night Insects Collecting

It is a warm summer evening at a porch near the forest. It is dark out there; the only light is provided by the light bulb of the house.

6. Collecting of Insects from the Trees Branches and Collecting Aquatic Insects

Vegetation provides large living space for insects, for example, woody trunks of plants create various biotopes.

5. Malaise Traps, Flight Interception Traps, and Pheromones

The first article about insect collecting was, besides other things, about catching of flying insects using an entomological (butterfly) net.

4. Collecting of Ground-Dwelling Insects Using Litter Reducer

In this article is covered the trapping of insects that live, develop, or hide in soil. Insects can be found in every type of soil horizon.

3. Collecting of Ground-Dwelling Insects Using Pitfall Traps

In the next few displays we will cover other ways of collecting insects.

2. Collecting Insects from Long Grass and Bushes

The most often collected group of insects with this method is, for example, Heteroptera of Psocoptera. The most efficient time for beating is early in the morning or during cold weather, when daily insects are not that active.

1. Insect Collecting Supplies and Equipment

Insects can be collected out of human curiosity and the longing to examine tiny animals in detail, out of professional study, or just for the fun of making your own private collection.



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