32.100 - 3D Microscope with FullHD camera and LED lighting

Microscope with 3D opticsis offering specimen side observation. You can get complete side view of the specimen by turning the bottom optical part.

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1 776,86 € HT
1 776,86 € HT


Microscope is mounted with Full HD camera (1920 x1080px), offering 1080p resolution and uses its own operation system controlled by the wireless mouse.

System offers measuring by rulers on x and y axis, advanced display settings, specimen axis poles switching. Camera shoots photographs and records Full HD videos at the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC output format.

Microscope body is mounted on the full-metal stand, with options to move up and down and rotating by its axis. Lighting is provided by bright white LED.

You can find a sample of photographs taken with this microscope in the gallery.

Charging adapters and cables are included in the package.

Technical specifications:
Base size: 380 x 250mm
Stand lenght: 32 cm
Magnification: 200x
SMART FHD camera:
Power supply: 12V
Digital output: HDMI, VGA
Scanner resolution: 1920(H) x 1080(W)
White balance: auto
USB wireless mouse
Light source: 56x white LED
Inner diameter: 60mm
Outer diameter: 95mm
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Option of light regulation



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