29.00 - Backpack - ASSAULT PACK 40 Liters

Multipurpose backpack ASSAULT PACK, volume approx. 40 Liters.

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96,00 € HT


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Multipurpose backpack ASSAULT PACK volume approx. 40L.

The backpack is medium sized, very comfortable with a waterproof nylon with a practical cut suitable for everyday use.

It has solid cushioned back, quick-release shoulder straps. The backpack consists of four parts: it has two large storage compartments in the main compartment and two smaller front seats, all with a separate double zipper allowing quick access. It includes a hand strap.

ASSAULT backpack has a number of nylon straps for attaching various accessories. Clip-ons can be connected to other small devices (compass, field vial, etc.). Very interesting are the "mini" pockets in each compartment, as well as the nylon compression straps placed on the bottom and side of the backpack, which are also used to attach accessories such as Carnival, etc.

Material: 100% nylon

Volume: approx. 40 liters

Size: 51 × 30 × 30 cm

Weight: 1600g



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