Ledoux G., Roux P., 2005: Nebria (Coleoptera, Nebriidae)

ISBN: 2-9505514-13-3

976 pages, black&white line drawings, black&white illustrations, hard cover

Text in French.

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60,91 € HT
60,91 € HT


European Union

« Nebria » is the result of collection and study by two of the undisputed

specialists in the genus. These authors, Georges Ledoux and Philippe Roux present a complete revision of the group, treating in total 384 species and 158 subspecies. They describe 4 new subgenera, 5 new species and 3 new subspecies. The keys to identification use detailed drawings and a series of colour plates.

In the spirit of its’ vocation to promote scientific understanding, the

Lyon Museum (Rhone county) has been involved in the production of this work, in collaboration with the Linnaean Society of Lyon, which will undertake its’ distribution.



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