Coulon J., Marchal P., Coléoptères de Rhône-Alpes, Carabiques et Cicindèles

ISBN: 2-9505514-10-6

193 pages, colour photographs, illustrations, colour distribution maps, soft cover

Text in French.

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46,36 € HT


European Union

This study, based on nearly 40000 records of the carabids and cicindelids of the Rhône-Alpes region, is the result of an extensive inventory and analysis of specimens in collection gathered by numerous entomologists over a century and a half. The author list 549 species, of which two are new to France. Their distributions are illustrated by maps, a large number of wich carry supplementary information. The result demonstrate the richness of the rhonalpine faune, but also reveal changes in certains environnements, which have led to the disappearance of several species. A better understanding of the distribution of certain carabids requires further research in a number of poorly-prospected areas, and regular updates of this inventory will be necessary. It is hoped to extend coverage to other group of beetles.



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