Štrunc V., 2021: Ground Beetles of the Africa, Ethiopian region and Madagascar


ISBN: 978-80-907980-1-4

215 pages, A4 format, hardcover, color photographs.

Texts in English.

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119,00 € HT


Czech Republic

 The book conteins 857 representatives from about 160 genera of the Ground Beetles structured according to tribes from Lorenz, W. (2005). Systematic list of extant ground beetles of the world (Insecta Coleoptera “Geoadephaga”: Trachypachidae and Carabidae incl. Paussinae, Cicindelinae, Rhysodinae.
Robertson&Moore, 2016 – Phylogeny of Paussus L. (Carabidae: Paussinae).

Tribu Anthiini (Anthia, Atractonotus, Cypholoba, Eccoptoptera, Gonogenia, Netrodera) – 104 representatives and Tribu Paussini (37 representatives).



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