Constantin R. et Liberti G., Coléoptères Dasytidae de France

ISBN: 978-2-91582209-0

Morphologie, biologie, clés d'identification, faunistique (Constantin R., Liberti G.)
Réparation des espèces de Rhône-Alpes (Constantin R., Liberti G., Marengo V.) 

144 pages, 22 colour plates, black and white line drawings, colour distribution maps, hard cover

Text in French and English.

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Coleoptera Dasytidae of France is the result of a very active collaboration between two entomologists, the Italian Gianfranco Liberti and the French Robert Constantin. To revise this group at a national level the authors have combined their extensive fieldcraft with a painstaking study of material in collections. 78 species of Dasytidae are recorded from France, with 32 present in the Rhône-Alpes region. the authors have opened this group up to all entomologists, whereas previously it was the preserve of a few specialists. The identification keys cover the entire French fauna, including Corsica, and should generate a better understanding of this frequently overlooked beetle family.



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