Dolný, Bárta et al. Vážky České republiky - The Dragonflies of the Czech republic

ISBN: 978-80-86327-66-2

Ecology, Conservation and Distribution

 672 pages (3,8 kg of weigt), 240 x 280 mm, more than 150 photos of dragonflies from the nature, many habitat photos , luxury paper, hard cover

Text in Czech.

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80,00 € HT
80,00 € HT


Czech Republic

292 color scans of living specimens of both sexes of all CR species, comprehensive english summary to each chapter, english description to all photos, tabs, graphs, charts and figs, analyses and biostatistics of almost 75000 original data (1900-2007), to all species - maps of distribution, detailed graphical symbolization of seasonal fenology



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