Tshikolovets V.V., Kosterin O., Gorbunov P., Yakovlev R., 2016: The Butterflies of Kazakhstan

ISBN: 978-80-904900-7-9

384 pages, + 57 color plates, about 4500 photographs, hard cover

Text in English.

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128,18 € HT
128,18 € HT



Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries of Eurasia. The western part is in Europe, and the eastern is bordering with China. A variety of natural and climatic conditions led to a large number of species of Rhopalocera. Not less than 15 Parnassius species live here. The most interesting for lepidopterists in Kazakhstan are the mountain areas in the east: the Tian Shan, Dzungar Alatau, Saur, Tarbagatai, Altai, where the largest number of rare and endemic species live. A big part of the territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts, but here also are many rare and endemic species.



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