ABL1 - Lastuvka, Z. & A. Lastuvka 2001: The Sesiidae of Europe.

ISBN 87-88757-52-8

24 x 17 cm, 245 pages, 9 colour plates, more than 100 line drawings. Distribution map to all species. Bibliography, hardback.

Text in English.

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80,91 € HT


European Union

This is a strongly revised edition of the authors' An illustrated Key to European Sesiidae published in 1995 This book was printed in a very limited edition and was soon out of print. The Sesiidae of Europe contains comprehensive information on all European species of this Lepidoptera family of day flying moths. All the many taxonomical, biological and distributional changes in the last years are included. Introductory chapters compromise a short historical outline, brief information on the morphology, biology, phylogeny and distribution as well as collecting and rearing methods, and lists of European Seasiidae and their hostplants. Keys to all European genera and species are provided. The main part of the book presents a systematic survey of all European species. Diagnostic morphological characters, biinomics and distribution of each species are shotly described. For each species line drawings of male and female genitalia are given, for some speces also of other diagnostic characters. The distribution is illustrated on maps. The book is concluded with 9 excellent colour plates with all European species illustrated. 



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