Lödl M., Gaal-Haszler S., Varga Z., et al., 2015: Fibigeriana, Vol. 3 (Part. 3). Papilionidae, Hesperiidae, Pieridae, Riodinidae, Lycaenidae

ISBN: 978-615-5279-04-1

Fibigeriana, Book series of Lepidopterology, Volume 3. The Vartian Collection.

229 pages, 183 colour plates, check list, references, hard cover

Text in English (preface in English and German).

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114,55 € HT


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The third volume in the series is a detailed summary of the impressively large and beautiful Rhopalocera material of the famous Vartian collection of Lepidoptera held in the Natural History Museum, Vienna. This part of the collection is well represented with North African and Middle East fauna, but also includes material from all continents, including some historical material from Inner Asia and the tropical areas. A total of 1174 species and subspecies are included. This third volume can be used as an identification guide to the Rhopalocera fauna of the Western Palaearctic. The detailed checklist contains information on the countries where specimens of each taxa were collected.



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