32.101 - Electronic microscope with camera, LCD screen and LED lighted lens

Microscope body is mounted on the full-metal stand. Color display unit is mounted directly at the carrier rod. The whole unit takes no more workdesk space than necessary.

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759,00 € HT
759,00 € HT


Lighting of the scanned surface is provided by circular bright white Led lamp. Sensitive camera sensor ensures sufficient lighting without noise rise on display. Rotating wheel for adjusting focal lenght is mounted on the microscope body and Precise focusing can be done by the wheel on the objetive support.

Optics can focus at several centimetres so it offers enough space for specimen manipulation under the lens.

Specimen can be seen via PAL signal on monitor.

Charging adapters and cables are included in the package.
Technical specifications:
Base size: 370 x 260mm
Stand lenght: 32 cm
Magnification: 200x
8" color monitor (16x20cm)
Light source: 56x white LED
Camera resolution: 750 x 580 px



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