Guéorguiev V. B., Sakalian V. P., Guéorguiev B. V., 1997: Biogeography of the endemic Balkan ground-beetles in Bulgaria

ISBN: 954-642-023-9

Biogeography of the endemic Balkan ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Bulgaria. With a Bibliography of the Scietific Works of Vassil B. Guéorguiev.

74 stran, 140x200 mm, 1 mapa, 2 tabulky, 3 ilustrace, měkká vazba

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A small paper rather original in approach, exploring the phenomenon of endemism. Based on a complete list of ground-beetles endemic to the Balkan Peninsula and found in Bulgaria (125 species or subspecies including 6 endemic genera and subgenera), compiled both from literature and pertinent material collected until 1995.

The Balkan endemics within the ground-beetle fauna are analysed with regard to their horizontal and vertical distribution, origins and, hence, their importance for the purposes of a zoogeographical division of Bulgaria and conservation strategy. The distribution between the Balkan countries is also given. Endogean and epigean carabids are analysed separately. The last paper by the Bulgarian entomologist and zoogeographer, the late Dr. Vassil B. Guéorguiev (1934-1996).

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