De Palma M., 2009: Taxonomic revision of Eudicella White (Coleoptera: Cetoniinae) and Iconographic Catalogue

ISBN: 978-88-89327-06-7

48 stran, 17 x 24 cm, 32 barevných stránek, ilustrace, tvrdá vazba

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European Union

The genus Eudicella White has been in serious need of revision for many years. Now, this spectacular and popular group of cetoniines has been revised based on the study of the aedeagal parameres and the re-analysis of type material. In this carefully performed study, the Author has brilliantly addressed and corrected the many misidentifications introduced and propagated in the literature over the past two centuries up to the present day. All known species and colour varieties of Eudicella s . str ., including the neglected Eudicella daphnis (Buquet), are re-described and illustrated. The aedeagal parameres of the former and current taxa are photographed and described systematically for the first time.

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