Sakai K., Fujioka M., 2007: Atlas of Japanese Scarabaeoidea, Vol. 2: Phytophagous group I.

ISBN: 9784902649031

174 pages, format A4, treats 104 Japanese species and 43 sub species from the family Scarabaeidae, hardcover

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Comprehensive photographic catalogue of Japanese Scarabaeoidea to be completed in 3 volumes. Vol. 2 covers all 105 species + 43 subspecies of 7 subfamilies of Scarabaeidae - Glaphyrinae, Rutelinae, Dynastinae, Euchirinae, Cetoniinae, Trichiinae and Valginae. Each species is shown on one full page with scientific name and at least 10 detailed photos: dorsal, oblique, lateral and ventral, top of head, close-up of pronotal and elytral sculpturing, fore tibia, aedeagus, etc. Information such as distribution, temporal occurrence, habitat type, altitude and relative abundance are shown in the form of bar charts and are easily understood. Photos are of exceptional quality. 

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