Nylander U., 2008: Review of the genera Calodema and Metaxymorpha (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Stigmoderini).

ISBN: 978-80-86447-14-8

Supplementum 13

84 pages, colour illustration + 1 CD-ROM (Jewel beetles of the genera Calodema and Metaxymorpha in primary rainforests of Papua New Guinea and Australia)

Text in English.

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31,82 € HT


Czech Republic

The genera Calodema Gory & Laporte, 1838 and Metaxymorpha Parry, 1848 are reviewed. Two new species of Calodema are described, two new synonyms are proposed. Immages of the larva of Calodema ribbei, as well as, the larval galleries are shown for the first time. Two new species of Metaxymorpha are described, a new key to identification of Metaxymorpha spp. is presented.



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