16.35 - Thymol 25 g cristal

25 g - détruit les spores, empêche surmultiplication de bactéries, microorganismes et il a un très fort effet de désinfection.

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Czech Republic

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Utilisation: comme matière solide ou dilué dans l'eau ou l'alcool.


Thymol is a natural phenol derivate found in oil of thyme ( a member of the mint family ) or  various other kinds of plants.  It is extracted as a crystaline substance of a pleasant aromatic odor and strong antiseptic properties. It is  an effective fungicide. It is  extremelly soluble in alcohols.  Its solution  is  25x stronger  than phenol.  Strong effects already at a dilution of 1:3000.


Its use  can be twofold :


  • In crystaline form – whole or crushed in smaller pieces – can be put in container ( glass holder ) in a storage box where it is sublimating and its vapors are destroying pests, funges.
  • In liquid form can also be poured into a glass holder or its mixture can be applied on celulose paper which separates individual insects apart.



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