Bertaccini E., Fiumi G., Parenzan P., Zilli A., 2008: Lepidotteri Eteroceri d'Italia, Noctuidae vol. I

ISBN: 978-88-89327-04-3

287 pages, 18 x 25 cm, 16 colour plates, black&white line drawings, black&white illustrations, distribution maps, hard cover 

Text in Italian, abstract in English and German, summaries in English.

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49,09 € HT


European Union

The work is intended to give an overview of the Italian fauna of Lepidoptera Noctuidae (subfamilies Calpinae and Catocalinae), cmprising 48 species sorted among 19 genera and 5 subgenera. Every taxon is dealt with acccording with the following schema: currently recognised synonyms, overall distribution, distribution in Italy, binomics, variability (geographical and individual), and similar species. Distribution maps and detailed records for all species are also given (te latter being omitted only in case of exceptionally common species). The text is further enriched with hints for distinguishing closely related species, with photos and drawings of the genitalia where necessary. 16 colour plates showing in full size 319 specimens fully represent the variability of the species in Italy. Two nomenclatural changes are introduced, namely Lygephila lusoria glycyrrhizae (Staudinger, 1871), new rank, glycyrrhizae being downgraded from species to subspecies rank, and Lygephila amasina (Staudinger, 1879) (= sublutea Warren, 1913), new rank, amasina bein raised from subspecies of Lygephila lusoria to species rank.



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