Běhounek G., Ronkay G. & Ronkay L., 2010: Plusiinae II. A Taxonomic Atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea.

ISBN: 978-963-88014-4-9

The Witt Catalogue, Volume 4

280 pages, 215x300 mm, species accounts, including new taxa, 39 color plates, 112 black and white plates of genitalia, hard cover

Text in English.

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114,55 € HT
114,55 € HT


European Union

The 6th volume of the Witt Catalogue provides a revised taxonomic content of the Eurasian and North African genera Chersotis Boisduval, 1840 and Benshirachia Gyulai, Varga & Ronkay, 2002.


 The 6th volume contains 110 text pages with the latest taxonomic information, full synonymy and effective diagnoses of all known 118 taxa (77 species and 41 subspecies) of Chersotis and Benshirachia genera, including the descriptions of 9 new species and 8 new subspecies.

The volume is illustrated with 31 colour plates of high quality magnified photos displaying all taxa included and with 18 colour plates showing the variation of each taxon in natural size. The genitalia of all species and subspecies are shown on 118 black and white plates. The whole book counts altogether 313 pages.




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