Petitprêtre J. et Marengo V., 2011 Coléoptères de Rhône-Alpes, Buprestidés

ISBN: 978-2-915822-10-6

Musée des Confluences. Société linnéenne de Lyon

208 pages, colour photographs, colour distribution maps, illustrations, soft cover

Text in French.

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40,91 € HT


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The fourth volume in the series devoted to the Coleoptera of Rhône-Alpes, this study of the Buprestidae has revealed the presence of 126 of the 173 species recorded from France. It draws on over 11,000 records taken from national collections and those of private entomologists. For each species, a distribution map, a summary of the regional phenology and a photograph of one or more of the the principal forms are provided. Details of the biology are given where approopriate, as well as comments on the history and local abundance. Three species potentially present or likely to occur are also included. This faunistic evaluation reaffirms the richness of Rhône-Alpes and suggests further areas of research to complete an understanding of the group. The study remains a working tool which we hope will encourage further collecting since, as several recent discoveries demonstrate, the Buprestidae are proving to still be poorly known.



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