32.103 - USB microscope

With USB digital microscope you can examine details of various objects, you can magnify them 500x.

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85,00 € HT
85,00 € HT


Thanks to the high quality of magnification this microsope is suitable for preparation and determination of observed object.
Microscope is to plug into the USB 2.0 slot of PC or smartphone, so it‘s easy to record videos or photograps.

Software support download: http://www.hvscam.com/soft.asp?lang=en

Technical specifications:
Optical magnification: 50x – 500x
Resolution: 1600x1280 (2,0 MPix)
Focus lenght:  0-40mm
Video format: AVI
Photography format: JPEG
Lighting: 8x  white LED (regulated light intensity)
Interface: USB 2.0
Software: MicroCapture
Dimensions: 115 x 33mm

Package includes:
USB digital microscope



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