Edmonds W. D., 2000: Revision of the Neotropical dung beetle genus Sulcophanaeus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae).

ISBN: 80-901466-8-6

Supplementum 6

60 pages, 8 color plates, soft cover

Text in English.

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Czech Republic

This paper reviews the five species groups and 14 constituent species of the Neotropical dung beetle genus SulcophanaeusSulcophanaeus Olsoufieff, 1924 is a new junior subjective synonym of Eucopricus Gistel, 1857 but is the valid name because of the latter's status as a nomen oblitum. Each species-group treatment includes group and species diagnoses and a key to constituent species. A short treatment of the genus includes a key to species groups. Lectotypes are designated for Sulcophanaeus leander (Waterhouse, 1891), S. imperator (Chevrolat, 1844), S. actaeon (Erichson, 1847) and S. columbi (MacLeay, 1819), as well as a neotype forS. menelas (Laporte, 1840). S. cupricollis (Nevinson, 1891) is a new junior subjective synonym of S. noclis (Bates, 1887).



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