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7. Night Insects Collecting

It is a warm summer evening at a porch near the forest. It is dark out there; the only light is provided by the light bulb of the house.

6. Collecting of Insects from the Trees Branches and Collecting Aquatic Insects

Vegetation provides large living space for insects, for example, woody trunks of plants create various biotopes.

5. Malaise Traps, Flight Interception Traps, and Pheromones

The first article about insect collecting was, besides other things, about catching of flying insects using an entomological (butterfly) net.

ENTOSPHINX – everything for ENTOMOLOGy

Entosphinx.cz is a great place and good partner for every professional and amateur from the field of entomology. The main part of our web is well arranged e-shop, where you can choose equipment from following categories:  

Field equipment

Work in terrain is inevitable and nearly the most important part of entomology. Equipment of high quality is the basis of successful insects hunting.  In our e-shop you can find basic and also professional equipment such as aspirators, sweeping nets, butterfly nets, aquatic nets, litter reducers, Malaise traps and even special tools for night field. 
More information about field equipment


Choose from trully generous offer of equipment for preparation of insects - entomological pins, mounting boards, setting boards, foam boases, pinning block, equipment for microscopy - and from other necessary equipment for correct and effective preparation of insects. 
More information about preparation

Storing equipment

When working at home or in laboratory you will definitely need various storing equipment - whether it is portable suitcase, wooden boxes, or wooden boxes covered with book-binding cloth (usually of black, red, green colour). There is also comprehensive set for storing of prepared insect specimens called CARTON UNIT SYSTEM available.
More information about storing equipment


For complete care for specimens will be equipment for preservation needed (glass fumigant holders for chemical disinfection and of course chemical fillings). 
More information about preparation


Our e-shop is a good source for finding and buying entomology books from which you can draw inspiration and theoretical information. Literature section is divided into subcategories named after individual insect species (Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera etc.), besides there are book of travels or antiquarian bookshop.
More information about literature

Other equipment

In the last section you can explore other necessary entomological equipment - soft and hard forceps, test tubes, dissecting scalpels, magnifying glasses and many more. 
More information about other equipment

Almost every offered entomological equipment such as for example pins, setting boards, boxes, suitcases, aspirators, sweeping nets, tree bark nets, butterfly nets, litter reducers, Malaise traps, aquatic nets and equipment for night field are fabricated in our specialized shop floors with a great emphasis on quality. 


Please, by all means visit our blog where a lot of useful advices especially for entomologists-amateurs are available (only in Czech language). 



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